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I’ve been down that road but I finally had my rock bottom. I found a unique way to detox from my battle LOVE wounds. I’ve spent thousands of dollars on books, graduate school, certifications, therapy, healers, food, alcohol, clothes, and runaway trips to get me to where I am today! And through it all, I feel happier, confident, and emotionally stronger…

I’ve also dedicated the last 18 years of my career in the healing arts helping people overcome trauma, stress, and anxiety. Ending my patterns of toxic relationships has shown me how to heal and love myself, as well the opportunity to teach other women to do the same.

That’s why for the past 8 years, I’ve devoted my work to helping hundreds of women empower their lives through meditation, intuition, personal responsibility, and self-care so they know they are lovable! I know it’s possible for you too…

I’d like to get you started with a complimentary Bad Boy Breakthrough Session with me.


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Your Bad Boy Breakthrough Session is a private, 1-on-1 session where we will:

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  • Strategize about how to use your intuition to disengage from toxic men

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Bad Boy Breakthrough Session Application

Before this program I had a lot of mental blocks that I subconsciously set up to keep me ‘safe’ and free from any risk or pain. I set up some defense mechanisms and shielded away from taking responsibility for my own happiness. I gained a tremendous understanding of how the shadow and light parts of myself integrate into a romantic relationships. I feel like I know myself that much more. Before I thought, “Oh, I know the things I need to work on but that’s completely separate from me in a relationship. They’re not related.” But now I see how intimately they’re related and that has helped me appreciate how much more important it is to continue my work - growing self-confidence, building my self up with positive self-talk, showing my self love and nurturing all layers of my self.
— Ashley
I used to feel like my life was over without his attention. Nothing was changing. I was unable to get out of a toxic cycle. I always enjoyed my solitude but had forgotten once I got involved with this person. I am eradicating whatever unnecessary guilt came from being “left alone.” I am taking time to breathe and talk to myself to avoid feeling this dark place I was stuck in for ten years. My results were immediate. I was able to step back from intense feelings before reacting immediately. I feel lighter. My heart feels lighter. There are days where I get sad but the intensity & desperation has definitely waned. The more I stay away the better I feel and whenever I think I want to go back I think about all the good feelings I’ve rediscovered and I have no real desire to actually return to that very toxic situation.
— Karina
I was not living my life to my fullest potential. My intimate relationships were chaotic and I was constantly engaging in self-sabotaging behavior. This ultimately left me feeling empty and depressed. These problems created unhealthy patterns in my life where I’d constantly doubt myself and, especially with men. I believed my worth was measured by what others thought of me or how much they invested in the relationship. This cost me my marriage, the possibility of becoming a mother, my house, money, and my time. I decided to get support after I found myself in another failed relationship that had become abusive. It was a new low for me, and had cost me my self-respect. I looked in the mirror and didn’t see “me” anymore. This program guided me to my first major change of setting healthy boundaries with my ex and those associated with him. It felt great not getting sucked in to old patterns. I feel less anxious and doubtful of myself. The voice of my inner wisdom is blossoming. It’s taken time and it continues to be a work in progress, but I feel more confident in myself and feel free!
— Vanessa
I realized that I was taking all of the blame for past relationships because I never wanted to be the “bad guy.” This program helped me recognize signs I overlooked. Conversations I did not want to have. I would mentally check out and stay in the relationship because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. As soon as I acknowledged those things I was able to see them immediately in new people I met and end the cycle of attracting relationships that weren’t going anywhere. I was able to tell an ex “No” when he invited me on a trip. I’ve learned language to help me describe how I feel in situations. I feel good about being able to identify what I need in order to heal.
— Ty
A major problem I had in relationships was cutting completely off from toxic men. This was a problem because I was settling for less instead of committing to the best. My life is different after this program because I am able to commit one day at a time to my authentic light self.

— Rachel

Are you ready to take yourself on a healing journey so you can finally let go of your past and find the love of your life?


I believe everyone deserves to be happy and in love.

I can't wait to guide you to build an empowered and limitless love.