Learn to use my 5 Proven Stages To confidently Detox From old love wounds...

Are you a single conscious-driven woman whose tired of chaotic and toxic relationships with men? 

Don't worry, you are not alone. I've been there too.

If you're fed up with the lack of quality men you meet, annoyed that nothing is changing, struggling feeling like you have no control over your love life, and you constantly doubt yourself which makes you feel like you can't trust your own judgment.

Then this program is for you!


But you are faced with challenges. 

  • Your past relationships keep you stuck from moving forward  

  • You keep repeating the same patterns of relationships...just a new face

  • You're unable to get out of toxic relationships

  • You're sick and tired of meeting the wrong guys

  • You stay in relationships that you don't want to be in because he convinces you that you need him

  • You don't feel good enough

  • You live in fear and afraid you will get hurt again

  • You constantly focus on what's wrong in your life

You're in the right place to transform your love life so you can finally heal from your past toxic relationships and attract a loving one!

I used to feel like my life was over without his attention. Nothing was changing. I was unable to get out of a toxic cycle. I always enjoyed my solitude but had forgotten once I got involved with this person. I am eradicating whatever unnecessary guilt came from being “left alone.” I am taking time to breathe and talk to myself to avoid feeling this dark place I was stuck in for ten years. My results were immediate. I was able to step back from intense feelings before reacting immediately. I feel lighter. My heart feels lighter. There are days where I get sad but the intensity & desperation has definitely waned. The more I stay away the better I feel and whenever I think I want to go back I think about all the good feelings I’ve rediscovered and I have no real desire to actually return to that very toxic situation.
— Karina

How Confidence Helped Me Find the Love of My Life...

Hi!! In case we haven't been name is Jennifer Escalera. I am the creator of Bad Boy Detox. I was stuck attracting the wrong guys, particularly the bad boy type for years. It wasn't until I had my rock bottom in 2008 when I found out that my live-in boyfriend of 7 years had cheated on me! I know...yuck!! It shook me up dramatically (in a good way) and was ultimately a blessing in disguise...

My life has drastically changed since finding my partner in 2009, and more so since having our son in 2015.  I’m proud to say that I've worked through my shit and Shadow Self which allows me to open my heart and my capacity to be bravely vulnerable. I strive to be a better person because of my family. And my partner accepts my sensitivity, strong-willed opinions, my mystic lifestyle, and bohemian/riot-girl attitude. Because my life is so abundant, I have more time to do the things I love like meditating, reading, spending quality time with my family, taking naps, going for walks, and being more creative. I have the pleasure of waking up every morning to someone who makes me feel good and the honorable role as mother to our beautiful baby boy. PLUS, I get the opportunity to be part of a movement of creating more LOVE in the world through my business and partnering with like-minded souls.

So how did I make this happen?

  • I stopped generating fear-based, “black and white” thought patterns which activated my fight or flight instincts aka trauma drama responses.

  • I understand that I don’t need to be perfect to be lovable.

  • I ended acting out when I thought he was cheating on me.

  • I realized my partner wasn't asking me to be his mother.

  • I became self-aware that my control issues were really my anxiety about unresolved issues that I was bringing into the relationship.

  • I learned to love myself and trust what I was feeling and thinking. I could be an active participant in our union which created the basics of a safe and trusting relationship.

  • I am in deep gratitude each day for the experiences I've gone through and I don't take all of this for granted.

I'm no different then you. I was determined to keep soul searching and finding out more about myself and the true essence of what love was for me. Being too that I'm a Capricorn, spiritually minded, and ambitious woman, I was not going to give up! Does that sound like you too?

When you enroll in Bad Boy Detox, you will get:

  • An 8 week online group program of the 5 stages with easy to follow, step-by-step lessons that walks you through each stage to heal your past relationships and finally end self-sabotage so you can feel confident, radiant, and attract a loving guy.
  • Workbook of Inner Wisdom activity sheets to discover techniques and actions steps to heal your mind, body, heart, and soul so you can be in full alignment with your best self. You’ll be given experiential assignments to incorporate a practice to change your attraction and frequency to unhealthy men. 
  • A Facebook group to get support, feedback, and the help you need from myself and a sisterhood of empowered women. 
  • Weekly audio/video recordings for each lesson in the program to help you end your limiting beliefs and feel more in charge of your time, energy, and life than ever before.
  • Access to (3) 90 minute live coaching calls with me where you will get personalized feedback, strategies, and techniques to get clarity around your needs and overcome your specific obstacles.  
  • Upgrade to VIP Level for (2) 60 minute private coaching sessions with Jennifer. You will get personalized, in depth coaching to strategize an action plan to heal from your personal situation.

This program is one of a kind because I bridge metaphysical, spiritual, psychology, intuition, coaching, and my personal transformation so you can holistically enter into your healing process to change your life forever!

A major problem I had in relationships was cutting completely off from toxic men. This was a problem because I was settling for less instead of committing to the best. My life is different after this program because I am able to commit one day at a time to my authentic light self.
— Rachel
I was not living my life to my fullest potential. My intimate relationships were chaotic and I was constantly engaging in self-sabotaging behavior. This ultimately left me feeling empty and depressed. These problems created unhealthy patterns in my life where I’d constantly doubt myself and, especially with men. I believed my worth was measured by what others thought of me or how much they invested in the relationship. This cost me my marriage, the possibility of becoming a mother, my house, money, and my time. I decided to get support after I found myself in another failed relationship that had become abusive. It was a new low for me, and had cost me my self-respect. I looked in the mirror and didn’t see “me” anymore. This program guided me to my first major change of setting healthy boundaries with my ex and those associated with him. It felt great not getting sucked in to old patterns. I feel less anxious and doubtful of myself. The voice of my inner wisdom is blossoming. It’s taken time and it continues to be a work in progress, but I feel more confident in myself and feel free!
— Vanessa

Let's take a look at what you'll discover in each stage...

Stage 1: Create Your Relationship Vision

  • Create a roadmap to focus on who you are becoming as you travel towards your love destination and how you want to feel around the guy

  • Develop your love code so you know how love works holistically 

  • Use the guided meditations I share to build confidence and esteem 

  • Discover how to use rituals to boost your clarity and intuition so you never settle for less

  • Learn how to be radiant to tap into your wants and needs in a relationship

Stage 2: Release Emotional Baggage

  • Learn the difference between fear and intuition so you can start to trust yourself and get closer to Mr. Right

  • 7 steps to detox your mind, body, heart, and soul that makes you feel lighter, calm, and confident for you to claim your heart’s true desire

  • Release old limiting beliefs about what love looks like and connect with your divine feminine in order to create a balance of masculine and feminine energy

  • 5 ways to gently let go of previous hurtful relationships that will help make room in your heart to receive more joy in your life

  • Learn how to raise your vibration as you heal from old love wounds

Stage 3: Reclaim Your Heart

  • Achieve your self-care practices so you don’t put yourself second, and retreat to conserve your energy for you to hear your inner guidance

  • Ensure that you will keep yourself accountable because you have been healing and preparing for your love success

  • Know how to avoid mistakes that keep you stuck in the past and stop sabotaging your love life

  • Master your trust and intuition as you are working in harmony with your mind and heart and trusting your abilities to take charge of your life

  • Learn the art of scripting your love story that includes playfulness, loyalty, safety, clear boundaries, and more

Stage 4: Embody Your Future

  • Learn the 7 principals of Self Love in order to attract a partner who is ready to give you love, respect, and some TLC

  • Become an expert at listening to your body messages when the guys vibe is off

  • Start to surrender and give yourself permission to be loved by a guy who will respect you unconditionally. 

  • Discover the stages of personal power so you make room in your heart, mind, and body to receive unconditional love

  • Manage staying connected to your confidence and inner wisdom as you become more open and expressive with a potential partner

Stage 5: Magnetize Your Man

  • Know the difference between a “boring” vs. “drama-free” guy so you can recognize the right man when you meet him

  • Create your non-negotiable must “haves” in a man

  • How to stay comfortable and connected no matter how hot he is

  • Discover how to be fearless with any man

  • Explore your passions, sensuality, and playfulness to build a healthy connection with the right man

Some Results You Can Expect within 60 Days

  1. Discover mindset shifts to overcome fear so you can be vulnerable in relationships, attract healthy relationships, and overcome reacting intensely to uncomfortable feelings.

  2. Identify action steps to change unhealthy patterns, stop entertaining your inner-critic, assert yourself and place your needs first, and get out of being the victim so you can learn how to attract healthy love.

  3. Make yourself a priority to create healthy boundaries with men, positive energy to enjoy each day, and more confidence and love for yourself.

  4. Get rid of toxic residual energy from your past relationships so you feel lighter, less anxious, and feeling that certain heartbreaks don't hurt anymore.

Plus you get access to BONUSES when you enroll now:

Bonus #1 Downloadable Guided Meditations

Each meditation is unique and will apply to the lesson for the week and help support your detox/healing. Learn to deepen your transformation and bring more balance and confidence to prepare you to go into action.

Bonus #2 Resources to Embody Your Self-Love and More Tips to Heal Old Love Wounds

I interviewed some amazing, conscious leaders in the field of self-love, relationships, spirituality, and self-development.

Bonus #3 Self-Love Kit

This kit will help you create rituals to stay consistent and follow through in a playful and deeply spiritual way for more self-love and romantic love.

Bonus #4 10 Steps to Attract An Amazing Man

A checklist of 10 steps that will help put you into action to attract an amazing man.


What if I don’t have the time?

It’s a self-paced course so you can access the program materials at your leisure, and in the comfort of your home, car, or wherever. I know what it’s like to be busy. I’m a working mom and I totally get it. When I was single, I had two jobs, a long commute, and did online courses to keep me from not losing my shit. It’s just like any relationship, if you really want something you’ll find the time and make it a priority. If you are looking for a short cut to healing old love wounds, now’s the time to start. You deserve this!

Who is this for?

This is for any type of single woman i.e divorced, single mother, just simply single, on the fence, serial dater, fed up dater, curious, spiritual, history of addictions, formerly abused, and any other type who are tired of dating the wrong guys. The main thread is that these women are looking to heal from past relationships, old love wounds so that they can find a new way to attract men differently, and to share their life with a man who will treat them right. My program is designed to help clear the mind, body, heart, and soul.

Who is this not for?

For women who are not committed to their personal growth. If you do not want to put the time and energy into healing yourself or making your life more fulfilled, this program is not a good fit. If the idea of change, taking personal responsibility, and going into action sounds like too much work then this would not be right for you. 

What if I’m in a relationship now?

If you’re in a fairly new relationship, and you’re still reading this…my hunch is you still need help with the residual affects of healing from your past relationships so you can really give your fullest self to your current relationship. I know when I was first dating my partner, I was extremely triggered by my self-doubts and challenges of believing that I deserved true love. Even while I was still going through my transformation, I needed guidance and support to build my self-trust, and to make sure I was truly with a good guy. 

Can’t I just do this on my own?

You may have already started some of the work on your own whether it’s through other programs, coaches, healers, or therapists, but there are still blind spots you are faced with, and you can’t get over this stuck feeling. What I’ve created is a unique process where I bridge the metaphysical, spiritual, psychology, intuitive, coaching, and healing into one experiential experience in which you get to go deeper into your healing and align with what you want. I’d love to invite you into this one of a kind experience and get ongoing support from me and the other women who are walking the path along with you. 

How soon will I feel the transformation?

That is really up to you and the time, energy, and intention you commit to yourself and apply the teachings from this program. My client's have told me they feel the start of transformation immediately. Everyone is unique in the way they heal but the more insight, and increased consciousness into your inner guidance, the more you are letting go and moving forward. There is less fear and more self-reassurance that everything is working its course. Resulting in a rise in your vibration to attract a like-minded man who is already out there for you.

Peace of Mind Guarantee

I’m so confident this program will transform you and you will get great value out of it, that I am offering you a no-risk 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. 

If you complete Module 1, Create Your Relationship Vision and you don’t feel like it’s a good fit, you will qualify for a refund. There are no refunds if you do not fully complete the first module, including your participation in the coaching calls. 

I realized that I was taking all of the blame for past relationships because I never wanted to be the “bad guy.” This program helped me recognize signs I overlooked. Conversations I did not want to have. I would mentally check out and stay in the relationship because I didn’t want to hurt their feelings. As soon as I acknowledged those things I was able to see them immediately in new people I met and end the cycle of attracting relationships that weren’t going anywhere. I was able to tell an ex “No” when he invited me on a trip. I’ve learned language to help me describe how I feel in situations. I feel good about being able to identify what I need in order to heal.
— Ty

Ready to get your love life on track with my help over the next 60 days?



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